Day 121. May day.

Crikey 4 months done, a third of the way through the year already. 121 days running everyday, 131 runs, 48hrs 54 mins total run time, 754 miles and 238,497ft of total ascent. I came 9th place at Silverdale and 6th place (not 5th as I was ill advised) at Derwent this weekend. Running feels part of me now and I feel lost until I’ve done my daily run. I ran through that shit winter and now I’m enjoying the fresh and sunny spring. Everything growing before eyes. I’ve learnt how to run through pain, sore toes, tiredness, no motivation and also how to stop when I want to run more. The Dirty Reiver was an amazing challenge in it’s self but didn’t really think about that, I was more concerned about when I was gonna do my run ha ha, sounds silly now. Time is precious so don’t waist it, or throw it away. Manage it well and you’d be surprised what you can fit in. Do what you love with who you love, be kind, be true and be honest, not only to others but to yourself. Spend time to listen to people, they don’t always say what they mean but listen, we all want to be heard. Babs told me I need to chillout, after I’d put the tent up on Friday. I thought I was chilled but I took what she said to heart and thought about it. She was 💯% right, usually is. I did need to chillout, so I did, I stepped back, took and deep breath and chilled out. I lost where I was heading now. Oh yes. So if you want to do something just do it, don’t stress about it just do it. All that time your wasting thinking and worrying about it, ain’t getting it done. Challenge yourself and use others to motivate but set your own goals and not there’s. Get busy living and except and make the best of what you have.

So all that in mind I head out with JB at 6:30am, to do the ol faithful. Legs still hurt to walk and was protesting as we starting jogging. Shut up legs! Time to get the blood moving.

They soon eased and I started to look normal (ish) again. Started to feel normal too, running seems to mend everything for me. Don’t get me wrong, they still hurt but its a nice pain now, I’ve earned this feeling and I’m enjoying it. Nice blue skies and listening to the birds, another stunning morning. I was in the flow now, although steady I’m sure (I was in one of them moods were I don’t look at my watch, doesn’t matter what pace I’m running). We came across the annual swan nest, with mother guarding her eggs.

Jackson would like then eggs I reckon. So we leave, don’t want to upset her. Seems more people running in the mornings these past few weeks, it’s good to see and makes it feel later than it is. I actually check my watch for the first time, to make sure I ain’t running late. I’m not, panic over. We head through the Cathedral and head home. Babs is back from her run too, she didn’t look too happy. Heavy legs apparently 😉. “Just except how is and enjoy it,is all you can do” I say. She smiles as if to say, a sarcastic yes Steve. Feed the boy, have my shower and some breakfast, then off to work. Another day on Ibroprofen 😎.

Day 121 done 244 to go.

5.4 miles.

752.8 miles total.

5 thoughts on “Day 121. May day.

  1. Wise words indeed matey….
    I love that feeling when you have “earned” the legs aching…
    Jersey parkrun for three of us this Saturday… aiming to get a few beach runs in before then…,


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