119 Be rude not too.

After a fairly early night and good night’s sleep, I felt good, a little achy but not too bad. Babs looked like a butterfly breaking out of its chrysalis though ha ha. She had so many layers on to keep warm, she struggled to get out the sleeping bag. I would of laughed a lot more but she shared to have a panic attack. After I got her free she was happy. So me and the boy went for our morning run. Steady to start, who’s are these legs? Didn’t really have a plan but fancied going up. So we head up through the lovely Braithwaite until we see a footpath, we head along it. A nice little weaving trail through the trees. Over a stile into a sheep field, no idea where to go. I see a couple walking there dogs and asked them, they sent me towards the farm. One of their dogs (I think it was a Labradoodle) met us at the gate. So we jogged him/her back to the owners. Had a quick chat and set off again, up through the farm and thankfully up the footpath. There’s a grassy trail heading straight up, so obviously we stomp up it to the top. Then the top of the next shows its face, so we carry on. Jogging where we can and stomping the rest. Great views of Braithwaite and Bassenthwaite lake…

Of course there’s another one, so up we go. Legs are tired but getting into it now. I spot a nice looking trail on the side of the hill, on the opposite side of the valley. That baby is mine, just need to find a way over. We get to the top of the next peak (I later find out it’s called Outerside and the other two were Barrow and Style end). Lovely morning view of Keswick and Derwent water…

I can see a linking path to the trail now too, so I say morning to the 3 ladies we pass at the top and head down to it. No sheep about so let the boy off for some free running. Great little downhill section, both loving it. I get this bit of footage on the side trail, just as JB spots 3 sheep I hadn’t spotted, Doh!

I got him back after alot of shouting, naughty boy. Hooked him in and carried on. The trail turned from stone to grass, then to gravel. Back through Braithwaite and to the campsite. Not as far as I’d have liked to go but still a great run before breakfast.

Day 119 done 246 to go.

3.5 miles.

1236ft elevation gain.

745 miles total.

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