Day 116 Swan route.

Doing the Swan route this morning, I had in my head as soon as I got up. Long sleeve and shorts as still a little fresh, we head out. Made Bill (our neighbour) jump as we popped out the alley, he was biking home from work. “Bloody hell Steve can’t miss you in that” he says (I’m in my very bright orange ronhill top, Andy and Sue gave me as a wedding present). “Need to be seen, so you blooming cyclist’s don’t ride into me Bill” I laugh a carry on. Then I see something strange (Babs tells me later that she’s seen him too). A bloke going to work on a skateboard. Not very strange you think? A little quirky maybe? Well! He was shifting a decent lick and wasn’t pushing off with his feet, just moving. No sound or sight of a motor anywhere, smart but strange. I want one.

It’s a beautiful morning with the sun out and big blue skies, with slight nip in the air and the birds in full morning song. A nice flowing run, cruising and enjoying the Swan route. Another runner enjoying the morning too, with his spaniel in Central park and of cause the usual walkers getting some morning air. Just along the path coming upto the Star road, something strange happened. That strange it made me jump off the path and left me in shock. You won’t believe it, but a cyclist dinged his bell at me. To let me know he was coming. Yes! I know how strange a commuter with manners, I couldn’t believe it. I’ll tell you he wasn’t English either, I thanked him and he apologized for making me jump. Ha ha didn’t know it was that obvious. Home to feed the boy, granola and a brew for me.

As I write this I remember I was gonna mention. If you cycle you know what I mean when I say, car drivers hate us. Some want to kill us, we’re an inconvenience to there extremely busy lives. But as a runner they love us, to the point they inconvenience themselves to let you pass. At junctions I always stop and wait, which I’m happy to do. I’m not in a race just enjoying a run. But cars will stop to let you cross, even if nothing is following them. They look out and drive with care if your near them. Give you a massive wide berth as they pass and overtake you. Cyclist’s though, hate runners and dog walkers, we’re an inconvenience to there Strava segment. They come past without warning (apart from today). Don’t slow down or even notice you sometimes. It’s a strange world we live in. I cycle on and off road, run on and off road and also walk the dog. So I see all sides of this and always, I stay pelite and show decent matters. We’re in this world together.

Day 116 done 249 to go.

4.5 miles HR 123.

717.2 miles total.

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