Day 114. Back on the trails.

Slept well again, with the same wake up as the night before. Felt a bit more awake this morning though. So washed my face and cleaned my teeth. I always do this before my morning runs, think it may be the first time I’ve mentioned it though. Helps me wake up and I feel grebby if I don’t. Still a little cold out,. I’m in shorts and t-shirt but I’ll soon warm up. I fancy checking the trails out this morning, must of dried up more by now. So at the end of Star road and once JB finished his wee. We crossed over and nip through the gap in the hedge, into and across the grass field. Around the back of the gym, where someone has had a little burn up and burnt the ground. The trail between the carpark and the 5 a side pitch is hard, also alot greener than the last time I ran it. Feels good to be off the tarmac in mornings for a change. We go through the nice well kept gardens, next to the Lido and go through the underpass. This comes out next to the Sue Ryder vintage shop. Down Henry Pen way and at the corner after the bridges, we go straight on. Onto the the trails along the side of the Nene. Perfect. Compact and although the odd soft bit, it’s great to run on. The boy is free and so am I, to run and enjoy our surroundings.

We passed a runner going the oppersite way, with her dog. Both dogs behaved and passed with no issue. After crossing both footbridges and checking the time, I reluctantly turn right and head back instead of straight on. I wanted to keep going but time waits for no man. We pass the Boathouse and head into town. I’m not cold now, sweating infact. Maybe more than i should be. Once in town we head towards Central park. After another time check, I bail again. This time we do head home, happy but wanting more.

Day 114 done 251 to go.

5.2 miles HR 125.

702.5 miles total.

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