Day 113 Reflection.

Another great night sleep, with only the 3am Soots wake up. I used it as a toilet call and got Tilly out too, so 2 cats and a piss in one. A mix between late getting up and a battle with last night’s curry, ment a little late getting out for my run. Doesn’t matter to be fair, another short one will do me good. Prepping started last night for Saturday’s race. The Derwent Dawdle, doesn’t sound like a race but it is. 22+ miles around Derwent water, so not a mental one. Still tough though, with just under 4,400ft of climbing and nearly all off road. So like I said a shorter run this morning will do me good.

We head out as usual, Jackson wanting to go full steam and me holding him back. Until he has his wee on the grass at the end of Star road, then he chills. I noticed how fresh it felt this morning, nice but a bit cooler than expected. We run down Potters way to the Nene and along the willows. The Reiver is on my mind, was a good weekend and a great challenge. I now have an itch I need to scratch, I want to get under 10 hours. Same time next year lads?

Also start thinking about this weekend at the lakes. Really looking forward to it, me, Babs and the boy camping. What can possibly go wrong?

We run along Bourges boulevard, dodging the No Through signs 😎 and through the underpass. Over the footbridge and through town past the Bull hotel. Slightly gutted we ran out of time, as fancied a lap of central park. My fault, should of got up earlier. Past the market and head home. Fed the boy and got showered. Wyberton today so had to leave at 7am. Got a Gregg’s fir breakfast on route.

Day 113 done 252 to go.

3.5 miles.

697.3 miles total.

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