Day 109 The morning after.

So pub ride last night. I got done in enough time to bike over. The thought of biking through town and down Oundle road in rush hour though, doesn’t excite me. So maybe I was being lazy but asked Babs to drive me to Altwalton. She could walk the boy over the meadow there. I forgot my front light and needed it to get home later. So turned back to get it, we then get stuck in traffic. So had to go straight to the Falcon at Fotheringhay as ran out of time. Big turn out tonight too. I left my bag in Nick’s car and David lends me some shades. Said goodbye to Babs as we set off to the Wharfe in Oundle to meet everyone else. It feels so nice to be in shorts and t-shirt again. My gears wasn’t working the best but hey ho.

We ride in 3 groups on Wednesdays. The social group leaves at 6:20pm and the quicker social leaves at 6:25pm. The last group which was 8 of us tonight, set off at 6:30pm. I guess we’re the balls out antisocial group ha ha. Was quick from the start and didn’t ease off till we’d past the everyone esle. Only 4 of us left on, it was me,David,Rich and Tristan. We was giving it some the whole way untill, BANG! massive pothole. Me and Tris hit it hard, I thought his wheel had exploded the noise it made. We both got front tyre flats and had to watch everyone come past, taking the piss as we changed our tube on the grass. Tris lost some tyre too. So the 5 of us including Shad now, took a steady ride back to the pub. Drinks and fish and chips for me and luckily I didn’t have to bike home. Rich very kindly drove out of his way to lift me back, thanks mate 👍.

For some reason and no other than laziness, I slept on the sofa. The boy joined me for some of the night and I slept real well though, so comfortable. Lobbed some clothes on and we go out for some fun in the sun. Babs wasn’t far behind us today either on her run. We do the same as yesterday, I call it the swan route (because it looks like a swan) but only do one loop of Central park, as tight on time. Could have ran all morning though its perfect out there. Sun shining, temperature already warming up, birds singing loudly, rabbits and squirrels playing and loads of people out running and walking. Even passed Paul Lunn running the opposite direction. We acknowledge eachother with hello’s and a smile. We head home, I feed JB, shower myself and make another omelette for me ummmm. Left the boy at home today as gonna be a scorcher and glad I did, my van showed 32 degrees in the sun ☀️.

Hope my bits turn up today, so I can bleed my back brake ready for Saturday. Getting keen to get there now and get on trails💪

Day 109 done 261 to go.

4.4 miles.

683 miles total.

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