Day 108. Adapt to your ability or disability.

See this Red Kite yesterday the on one the main picture, while walking the boy. It had a big chunk of its under wing missing. may of happened early in it’s life or recently, I’ll never know. But! What I do know is, it didn’t seem to effect it now. It was flying as smooth and gracefully as the others around it. It got me thinking, if we all just accept our disability or abilities (we all have some of I kind). Accept where we’re at and just get on with it, we can all fly with the best too.

Snoozed till 5:55am this morning. Did a recovery test on my watch over night, wearing the HR monitor in bed. Apparently I’m 68% in recovery and a resting HR of 37, with the lowest being 34 BPM. I’m practically a vampire.

Got out of bed and what’s this? I can walk normal, get in! Still a little tight but loads better. Jackson is extra excited this morning, he must know I’m moving better. Out we go. Started off on the ole faithful but fancied a change. So we cruise straight through town, it’s warming up already. Past all the bars O’niells, Flares, College arms, Edwards and the library. We’re heading for Central park, I love it there in the morning and haven’t been this year. The sun is shining on the gate, as another runner passes with his dog.

What a beautiful morning, dog walkers, joggers, people on a brisk walk oh and an elderly lady, doing laps on her chopper. The gardens always look nice and a well maintained.

We do a couple of laps and unfortunately I can’t get this pic out my mind, from the first lap.

Notice how nice and tidy it is. Helps to have plenty of litter bins around. Looks like a nice place to sit and gather your thoughts, to reflect on life. Or to drown your sorrows with 6 bottles of Budweiser, and leave them next to the place you drank em. There’s a bin in throwing distance, come on! What’s wrong with people. I picked them up and walking the 6 meters to the bin and put them in, easy as that. It does make me feel better though and we carry on. For the first time in the run I think about my hamstring, can feel it’s tight but no issues. We both bounce back through the streets in the sun, feeling good. Get home and feed the boy then have a shower. Then I make an omelette and I reckon it’s the best I’ve ever made. Thanks to Babs for getting some eggs from a friend at work. I reckon she was slightly jealous though after seeing it and turning down an offer earlier.

Day 109 done 251 to go.

5.2 miles HR 124.

678.6 miles total.

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