Day 107 Tight hamstring.

My hamstring is so tight this morning as I hobble out the bedroom. I use the upstairs bedroom to delay going down the stairs ha ha. It does ease enough to use the stairs without waking the wife though. Although this wouldn’t have been a bad as she was late up, I later find out. Got the boy and head out nice and steady, ouch! Not good. It actually feels slightly painfull, I consider walking and running later. This means I’d have to go home and get a jacket, I carried on. Slow and easy. It does actually loosen off but not alot and not good considering its the Riever in sat. It does ease even more though and I start looking normal (ish) again. Just a short run this morning as tight on time also. We go through town and past the market.

I stare at the tired building that was 5th Avenue, had some good night’s in there (shit ones too). It always frustrates me to see old buildings stood empty for so long. So much history and standing tall and proud. Looking tired and worn out but refusing to leave it’s duty. Just like a scarecrow stood lonely in field. these great buildings are lonely in a field too. A field of buildings rather than plants, people instead of birds doing the damage. Don’t know happened there, started to go into my mind 🤔 dangerous. We head off with my thoughts and run, well trot down Wellington Street. The sun is up but hiding as we get home. Definitely feel better for it and moving alot better, I think as I climb the stairs to go for a shower.

As I wrote the blog and looked up a pic for the home page, I learnt about hamstrings. There made of 3, the Stemitendinosus muscle, which is the one I’m struggling with. The Stemimembransus and the biceps femoris muscle. There you go bit of useless info but don’t ask me to pronounce em 😉

Day 107 done 258 to go.

2.5 miles HR 115.

673.4 miles total.

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