Day 101 Wet again.

Bed was pulling this morning, understandable after yesterday’s activitys. Cat’s had me awake from just after 4am, so may as well got up earlier 🤔. Got ready and went to the loo, then out we go. Colder than expected, so went back in to get my body warmer. Light rain so a wet one again. The river is high so try to avoid getting wet feet, by negotiating around the high waters. Was a bit later setting off this morning, so didn’t have enough time to do my full route. Loads of swans as normal down the Nene and the usual warning attacks towards JB, he likes to wind them up. I could hear a Kingfisher but couldn’t see it anywhere, didn’t hang around looking too much, as it’s cold. Took the cut through and go over the bridge and into town. Passing through the tunnel next to Argo lounge, I can’t help thinking how cosy the rough sleepers look. Have they got it that bad? They look warm and comfortable, not much stress to stop them from sleeping, so must feel safe too. Nothing to loose and nothing to prove. I wonder if any of them go running 🤔 I suppose there all running from something. We head home, feed the boy and I have a shower. Weigh in Wednesday 10st 11. Make an avocado,bacon and egg sandwich. With red cabbage,tomatoes, beetroot and mushrooms as a side, with a squeeze of lemon ummmmmm and a glass of milk.

Day 101 done 264 to go.

4.1 miles.

649 miles total.

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