Day 95 Failed laps

Same as yesterday,out the door for 5.50am. thought I’d run in short sleeve this morning, as been too hot the last couple of runs. It feels cold this morning so lob a body warmer on too. We do the usual, run down star road, stop at the bit of grass on Bishops road. For JB to pee, then run to Potters way where has his number 2. There’s another dog walker down the path, so we go back on the road. For a change we run though the streets of the flats. I have a brain storm, as I’m not feeling it may as well do laps if this estate. So I do my first lap as I start, 0.2 miles from home. Do a lap around the streets, this is boring but I reckon I’m good for 3 or 4 laps. I finish the lap and check my watch again, 0.5 miles. Not even half a mile sod that, so headed for Stanground. On my way there is remember I have my watch on low GPS use still. So no where near as accurate as normal, so the lap may if been further. Nevermind I’m enjoying it now and the sun is starting light the sky up. Tried a different way back off London road and came out at the Parlmeson arms on Oundle road, great pub. It seems there’s not enough bins around for people or they just don’t know how to use them. Disgusting!

When I get home I realised how cold arms are, I struggle to unlock the door as my hand doesn’t work properly. Ha ha I’m getting old. I get showered and go to work.

On my drive in, I notice what a lovely day it is. To be honest as I’m writing this me,Kyron and JB are head lunch sat in the sun. Glorious day.

Day 94 done 270 to go.

4.2 miles HR 123.

591.8 miles total.

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