Day 91 Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone, hope you’ve all enjoyed loads of chocolate.

I finally getting my Wahoo to turn on, after an all night charge. 2 hours of trying to upload my ride to Strava, I gave up. At least I got most of it now.

Over to Kirton to see my parents for Easter and my mum’s birthday. 2 of my brother’s was there too, so good to see them. Me,Babs,Mum,Dad and Jackson drove to Framton Marsh nature reserve. We had a lovely walk, doing a bit of twitching too. Have a lot of good memories from my childhood and teens at the marsh. Plus had a coffee and sandwich in the cafe, which has a great view.

We head home and I park at the usual spot next to the Welland. Me and JB set off and Babs drives to meet us at Crowland.

I’ll be honest, this is the hardest run I’ve done all year. First the cold air makes it hard to breath, so have to walk twice to get my breath (should have took my inhaler). Then my guts was all over the place, I also felt sick. Truth is I was completely committed, no phone, no return, the only option is to keep going and get to Babs. I have to stop for 2 emergency Bob’s (dock leaves make great loo roll). I know this route is hard going but today feels even harder. I’m obviously a lot more fatigued that I realised. I think about making myself sick but decided I needed to learn to deal with it, and keep food down. I start find my feet after 4 miles, really tough going. Don’t get me wrong it still feels harder than it should but more manageable. I can see the Abbey now and pick my pace up, let’s get this done. I know I need about 6.7 miles to get my 40 miles for the week. I finally see the van and aim for it. The whole way though Jackson loved it and makes me pleased he’s with me, cheers me up when I watch him. I get to Babs at 6.3 miles, so tell her I’ll meet at the end of the road. Wanted to get to 7 just to make sure. Dead on 7 miles I got in the van and felt absolutely shattered. Felt like I’d just ran a marathon. On a plus side my toe seems to of eased a bit.

Home,shower, food and relax.

Day 90 done 274 to go.

7 miles.

575.5 miles total.

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