Day 87 Back to basics

Evening run again today and no Jackson. After I got some bits from Aldi and some flea/worm treatment for JB from Pets at Home. I decide on running at Ferry meadows. Was struggling to motivate today, been working out in the rain all day and had enough. Just fancied a bath, junk food and a bottle of red. I park at the Woodman and remember about my barefoot shoes, I keep them in the van. I slipped em on and started to get excited. How will they feel? It’s been over a year since I last wore them. Would I regret it if I pulled a muscle something worse? I decide, I just wanted to get going and find out. Will be a good technique check too, as running in these bad boys, has no room for bad running. Instantly it feel more connected to the ground, I feel the damp soft grass, then the hard uneven tarmac path. After I pass the new builds, where ground feel harsh. I head right, into the trees and whoops! Not alot of grip. Nevermind just nice and steady. I worry about stubbing my toes but soon forget about that. A left turn on the rough gravel track, then right. Down hill then left onto the Riverside single-track, Dam! Down again, to the floor this time. I carry on slipping and sliding all over. I know I should turn back but I’m too stubborn, I keep going like Bambi on ice instead ha ha. I can feel it in my right calf and left shin already but just tried to concentrate on technique. The gravel track feels harsh on my feet, man I’ve got weak. The grass field is a nice relief from this, even with the hail storm. But this annoyed me, so I then took the roughest path around the path to toughen them up. It worked, they felt fine after a mile and the tarmac felt smooth. There’s a rainbow over the lakes, I stop to get a pic but it didn’t really get it. Running around the lakes I tap Eric’s bench to show my respect (Eric left us to Cancer a few years ago, and has a memorial bench near the Badger play area) R.I.P. old friend. I enjoyed running like this, feeling the ground and so vulnerable to it, makes you feel connected and conscious of the surroundings. As I come back over the wobbly bridge and up the hill to the road. I noticed the blossom on the floor. I looked up and see this.

How did I not spot this earlier, looking without seeing again. To busy thinking about my feet.

Day 86 done 278 to go.

4.1 miles.

558 miles total.

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