Day 84 Clumber 10k

6am the old 5am, the radio alarm clicks on, Snooze. 9 mins later it clicks on again, Snooze. 3 mins later Jackson barks. Time to get up. Turned the alarm off and get in the shower. Babs got up once I got out, she started to get ready. Had a big bowl of granola and a cup of hot water, with a slice of lemon and ginger. Follow by a black coffee. After what seemed like a lot of faffing, we got going. We’re meeting some close family at Clumber park today, it’s the trust 10k. It’s on every last Sunday of the month, every month. It starts at 9am and we’re about 1hr 20 drive away, so was cutting it fine leaving at 7:20am. I’d took JB to go to the toilet before we left, so all good there. We had a clear drive there, the A1 flowed with ease. By chance when we parked up we’d parked next to Dave’s car ha ha didn’t realise. When I came out the woods after Jackson had relieved himself again, they was there waiting for me. Dave, Karen and there daughter Claire, no Nigel this time or auntie Elaine. You get your own number as these trust runs, you sign up the first time you go. You just keep that and no need to sign up. Karen was kindly Jackson walker todsy, so I can run without him. To the start for a briefing, everyone seems happy and eager. Why not? The sun is out and it’s the start of British summertime 🌝. We wished each other a good luck, got ready and 3,2,1 go! We’re off. I found myself off the trail and on the grass verge for the first 400m, always busy at the start. My quads felt tight from yesterday’s race, but not enough to really stop me pushing it. The quicker group soon moved away from the rest, I was with these, in the top 10 maybe 7th. As I passed Karen with JB, I get his attention and he pulls toward me. He nearly obstructed some other runners, ha ha sorry Karen. The first mile I was trying to keep the runner behind me behind. He had other ideas and creeped past after the second downhill. I tried to keep with him but he was too strong. I stopped chasing and admitted defeat. I’d forgot how tough 10k races are and this one isn’t a quick or easy course. All on trail tracks and undulating but a beautiful place to run. Through the old forest, part of Sherwood I believe and by the lakes, full of wildlife. The sun and slightly cool air felt perfect and just nice to be out. The only thing was, I’m racing and it’s hurting now, plus I could here the bloke I’d passed in the first mile was not too far behind. Couldn’t relax now, need to keep the pace up. I passed Karen and JB ” your in 8th place” she shouted, soon to be 9th I thought. He was drafting me now, I can hear him breathing. I try to carm mine, to give him false signals. He drops back again, I think I can do this, just keep breathing and pushing. I wish I had that energy gel I left in the van at this point. I pass Karen again “still in 8th” she says, I answer with a confident “thanks” we’ve been passing back runner’s for a while now, total respect to all of them, keep going. With a mile to go ol matey caught up and he means it this time. I had no more to give and he slowly passed and started to pull away. I past Karen again I shouted “9th now” she never heard, as she was heading away to the finish line. I’m holding my ground now he’s not getting away, in fact I’m starting to close the gap. I pass Claire and Dave, we cheer eachother and I push on. The gap is getting closer I’m giving everything now. I pass Babs as she’s just going onto her last lap. I can hardly breathe, my head is pounding, my heart is trying to rip out of my chest, my legs are screaming to stop. I need to catch this bloke like it’s the most important thing ever. Then he crossed the finish line and I come in just behind. My best wasn’t good enough but I tried. Great fun, loved it. We nearly hugged at the end of the tunnel, we both congratulate eachother in a language you only understand when you’ve just pushed yourself so hard. Once we could breathe, we spoke again in English. Then we went our separate ways. I was buzzing, felt great to race in such nice weather and surroundings. Once I found Karen, I had a quick chat then took JB for a cool down run with me. We run in the field next to the course. We run alongside Babs for a bit to near her finish, then drop back to run in with Dave and Claire. Dave was pacing Claire for a PB. She’s joined a running club last year and come on so quick, like a different runner since I see her last. She was aiming to get under the hour and she smashed it. Her 10k time was 58.38. Babs was looking happy with herself too and Boom! A double PB she got one too at 57.51.

We all celebrate with hot drinks and breakfast baps ummmm. Sat in the sun too, could have stayed there all day. We all then have a long walk and catch up, in the sunshine and beautiful surroundings. What a great day, great company,great results, great area and bloody lovely breakfast bap. Oh nearly forgot, a 99 ice-cream to finish the walk, happy chappy.

I finished in 9th place 40:32 happy with that.

Day 83 done 281 to go.

6.2 miles HR 165.

0.9 mile HR 129.

535.2 miles total.

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