Day 83 Race day.

That’s not me in the pic, I wish it was.

Today is my first cycling road race of the year, not really sure how it’ll go. Haven’t really done any proper training, apart from turbo once a week and 2 pub rides. Let’s hope all the running and the cx helps.

After a steady morning and a good walk with JB, I load my van and set off. Justin called to check if I was still coming, it’s wet and don’t like racing in wet conditions. Luckily while cleaning and checking my bike in the morning, I spotted a slight sidewall damage on my rear tyre. Also was lucky I had a spare one to put on. I pull up to the village hall in a little village called Walgrave. It’s full so a Marshall directed me to a field, where I parked and spotted Justin and Tristan. The other member of our group (Andy) was out checking out the route. I’d passed him on my way in. We got our race numbers and got ready, then then went out to check the course. We passed Andy on his way back. At the race briefing we find out there doing a staggered start. It’s 4th,3rd and 2nd category race. Due to the amount of 4th cats, we got split into 2 groups. Unfortunately because I got some points last year, I was in the second group of the 4th cats. So as I watched the first group go, and all my team mates in it. I stud cold waiting for the 2 mins to end so we could go, it seems ages. Off we go, straight into a fast pace. Blimey! Would I keep this going for nearly 30 miles? I’m not sure. I won’t go into to much detail but it was a hard race, good fun and glad to be on it, still feel strong in the pack. We caught up with everyone, Andy manages to stay with us till the end. We managed to keep away from the 3rd and 2nd cats. I didn’t have enough power for the sprint finish, missing out in 11th place 🤔 Was happy that Andy came in 10th and scored for us though.

27.7 miles, 25.9 mph ave, ave HR 167, max HR 181.

A quick debrief on route home.

After a beer and sausage roll, I head home. Still got my run to do and I’m knackered. Stopped at McDonald’s to get a chicken wrap, bloody useless buggers, slow as owt, was waiting ages. Babs was picking some stuff up for tea on her way home, we got home about the same time. We have a catch up while I’m fussing the dog. Stood up too quick and nearly passed out, I mean proper close, Babs went to catch me. She gave me some fizzy pop to get some sugar in me.

I got myself together, got ready, got the boy ready and off we went. Maybe just the minimum today, I think. Legs feel heavy and HR seems high to normal. I let the boy off and we go down Potters way, and follow the path towards the millennium bridge. The kids were smoking or something under the first bridge. At mile 1, I decided to keep going to 2 miles. Running on a tired body is good training for me, good ultra training. At mile 2 though I feel good and notice my HR is back to normal. Sod it, I’ll go to the bridge. I can’t believe how good I feel, don’t get me wrong. I’m knackered, I keep burping up the chicken wrap and I’m farting from the gels I had while racing but physically and mentally good. We run to the top of the bridge and just before we turn around, I have a temporary thought about running to Stanground. I turn around though and head back. The boy is running next to me now, as he’s tiring. There’s a Heron that takes off into the ever darkening night to our right. Further down near the sewage works a Barn owl fly’s along with us, weaving around the edges of the Nene, looking for food. After a bit it turns and heads out over the fields. We head home, when we get in, I feed Jackson and I eat this.

Not the nicest thing I’ve ate but testing a few things out. Bath and a great tea that the lovely Babs made for me 😎.

Day 82 done 282 to go.

5.1 miles HR 137.

528.1 miles total.

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