Day 81 Barton Le Clay

5:30am the radio alarm pings on. Blimey, I’d forgot how much pub ride rides knacker me out. Have a shower to wake me up, put my running kit on under my work clothes and set off. Babs is walking JB this morning, I’m driving to a job past Bedford. My plan was to run first then do the job. After having my Subway mega melt at the Black cat roundabout, I changed my mind. Luckily the Job only took me a couple of hours, so worked out for the best.

Parked in the Cooperative carpark in Barton and started running from there,through the main Street. I’ve ran and walked around here quite a bit with JB, when we was working here. So knew where I was heading, straight to the hills 😎. I go through the playing field and head to the far corner. I know there’s a trail through the trees here. It feels so good to be back, great running ground. The trail follows a stream which I cross. Then I start the long single-track climb to the top. This is great, I’m a stone lighter than the last time I ran it, I can feel the difference. My heart is pounding and my quads are burning, I can’t stop smiling. Sweat pouring off my head, I come out of the trees and react the top, what a view.

What goes up must come down. I’m buzzing with excitement as there’s so much choice. I chose the trail around the edge of the hills.

I always get a feeling of flying around these sort of runs, love it. Once at the bottom, I start to go up again, this time up the track thats more open. Again the sweat starts, heart pounds but legs feel great now. It’s nearly 1 mile of up hill till I reach the top. I pass a dog walker I’ve already past once. It’s already in my head to run the down hill in the trees this time. I did spot the steep grassy climb on my right and know that I needed to include it. Into the trees, it’s a rollercoaster ride down here, great fun and as fast as you dare. I did get some video but it’s not great.

I was pumped with adrenaline when I react the bottom, with a smile from ear to ear. I looked at my watch, I need to head back. We’re going to Nottingham this afternoon to stay the night and watch Michael McIntyre. But! One more time won’t hurt, and I need to do that climb. As I go up the same road I think to myself, I could do this for hours. Once at the top I come down and around a trail on the edge. I drop down a steep grass slope into the valley. Pass another dog walker I’ve already past. Time to bash out this steep climb, I know there’s Strava segment here too. Strong but steady,don’t want to blow up. I keep going, this seems longer than last time. It gets even steeper near the top, I walked this bit last time, but not today. God this hurts, I shout at myself “come on Beagle” and the last 2 steps hurt like mad. BOOM! Did it! I carry on moving, trying to keep my pace and get my breath back, I’m struggling for air. I know this will pass it always passes, everything ends. Once I start breathing normal again I smile, what a great run. I nice up and down run along the tops now, till I get to the bottom. Then I make my way through the playing field and back through town. Got some food from the shop, eat it and drive home.

Day 80 done 284 to go.

7.3 miles HR 148

510.3 miles total.

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