Day 77 Aloe Vera

Hangover! Well lack of sleep to be honest. Had a few scoops last night with big Phil (who will soon be just Phil, the way he’s loosing weight). Anyway we ended up singing songs in my kitchen till 3am. After a dirty kabab and a guts full of beer ha ha. I got up with the boy about 6am and that was me up. Me and Babs walked JB while Phil slept. That wind is silly, so bloody cold. I did us a fry up around lunchtime and Phil left about 2ish. Was nice to have a lazy day but was now struggling to get outside again. Jackson gave me the look though, so got changed and got him ready. We’re in this together my boy. To my surprise, I got my clothing spot on. Not too hot and not cold, happy chappy. Had my buff over my mouth the whole way round. Snug as a bug in a rug. I felt ok to be fair, we ran along the embankment and down Fletton Ave. Into Stanground and back to the embankment and did a lap of that. Then passed under the parkway, ran through the estate of flats and back home. If it wasn’t for the indigestion from the bacon, I would have gone further. Got home and Babs was stood there, looking very chuffed with herself. There was dirt all over the floor and worktop but she’s multiplied her Aloe Vera plant.🤔

Day 76 done 288 to go.

4.3 miles HR 130.

489.3 miles total.

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