Day 73 Sunrise.

The boy seems ok and ready for action. So we head out, I keep a close eye on him. He’s back on it, as if nothing had been up with him. Wish I had his recovery speed. it’s a lovely crisp March morning, a slight frost lining the grass tops and a faint hovering.

What a cracking morning.

We do the regular route, along the Nene to the Boathouse. The river is still high but the flow has eased now. So shouldn’t be too long getting back to normal. JB still seems good so we carry on. I practice my breathing technique as we go through the estates and into town via the underpass. A work van is parked up near Drapers, dropping off and picking up the next lot of international workers. They look at us as we run through them, not a smile or hello. Into the cathedral grounds, I go to the right for a change, the gate is locked. It has a sign up but I don’t bother reading it. So we go round to the left and head around the building. I see another sign saying gravel lane closed for maintenance. That’s what it was. Got to the gate to get out and Nooooo! Locked with another sign ha ha. Back tracked out and ran pasted the market and down Wellington road. People are starting to fill up the carpark and head off to work. I run on, practicing my breathing and head home.

Day 72 done 292 to go.

5.7 miles

464.4 miles total.

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