Day 71 Good weather for swans.

Back to healthy eating from today, had a weekend full of cake,junk food and beer. Which was all nice but, I’ve noticed the difference in my mood and bowel movements πŸ™„

Just the usual route this morning, the first mile or so felt like hard work. Sargent Tristan says “hard work works” so hope he’s right πŸ˜‰. Nothing else to really say about today’s run. It flowed better once I got going, JB was on form too. We did go over the footbridge at Queensgate, passing people running the opposite way. Think they was trying to catch the train. The pile of blankets and stuff is building up outside the Argo lounge, it’s starting to stink and looks a mess. Through the gardens, which always look nice and home.

Day 70 done 294 to go.

5.5 miles.

452 miles total.

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