Day 67 goodbye 300.

A bit of a wet start today as we set out. 6:30am Babs set off to get a head start, me and JB caught up at the top of Star road. We run together past the Toll house and down Potters way. The rain is coming down heavy now. My hand’s are feeling cold DOH! My gloves are on the radiator! warming up for the run ha ha. It eases slightly as we run along the willows.

We followed the Nene and Babs left us to go home, she turned right and ran in front of the Key theatre. Me and the boy carried on, following the Nene up to the Boathouse again. We followed the same route home as yesterday. The sun came out while on Thorpe road and stayed with us all the way home. I felt a bit groggy this morning (had a couple of beers last night,was 3 years since me mate Sean died, R.I.P. ol’ mate) but feel loads better now. Ready for the day. Showered and changed for work and got my bike and stuff ready for turbo tonight.

Day 66 done 298 to go.

5.4 miles.

417.9 miles total.

2 thoughts on “Day 67 goodbye 300.

  1. Big day – down to the last 299… big day March 8 for me too – finally got around to joining a running club – with the aim it will get me home at least a 3-4 times per month to go out for a run with the group – a good group too – they have made Claire feel really welcome – and done wonders for her confidence – she has come on loads – there is no truth in the rumour that I have joined because Claire just might catch me up.. nope – none whatsoever!!!


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