Day 66 Is it a Blog or a Bog?

Morning run today, with the legend JB. A bit wet on the ground but no rain. Also it feels like daytime, as it’s so much lighter since the last morning I ran. Was a little later start too I suppose. We headed down to the river, down the side of the embankment. The half marathon finish path, if you’ve ran that. The water is still high but dropped a bit. I wanted dry feet so we stayed on paths as we followed the Nene to the Boathouse Inn. We then head back into town via Thorpe road. The traffic already starting to build. Through the subway and the Queensgate Bus station. Then turned right past the Bumble Inn and The Bull Hotel. We past a man down this road. He was back packing and I don’t mean homeless. Although he definitely looked outside of society, he seems happy in his place. We ran past him and the shops and headed into the cathedral. Decided to go anticlockwise for a change and spotted this awesome piece of craft work.

Rounded stone end. I’ve realised that I seem to be more alert on my runs. I’m noticing so much more lately, that I’ve probably seen before but not took it in. Some of the time I forget I’m running.

Back home for a shower and weigh in, stayed the same this week. Was running a late for work, so stopped at McDonald’s for a wrap, porridge and a black coffee. I wrote this while eating it.

Happy toilet reading Helen 😎 x

Day 65 done 299 to go.

4.7 miles HR 129.

412.5 miles total.

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