Day 65 The banks have burst.

Woke up with my back feeling a bit looser, the roller and bath must have done some good. A day of laying blocks in a footing trench, soon tightened it back up 👎. Got finished in good time today but didn’t feel like running much. A brisk walk with the boy was needed more to loosen up. But the trails are calling the dog needs exercise and I’m baby sitting tonight. Babs and Helen go to Yoga on Tuesday evening, and I baby sit Ben now and then. So don’t have loads of time to fit in a walk and a run. Also I noticed that the Nene was even higher than yesterday when I walked Jackson this morning, so wanted to explore. I parked at the same place as yesterday. Some lady passes walking 2 collies with a baby strapped to here chest, while on the phone and holding a ball thrower in the other hand. Now that’s multi tasking ladies!

I eat my kiwi fruit (which I got from the shop, instead of the chocolate I wanted,will power) while she walks down the lane. I get ready and we set off, only to stop just up the road to pass a man with 3 dogs. He didn’t look or speak to me once, but continued to have a conversation with Jackson 🤔 we carry on. To the end of the road and over the rail tracks. As we reach the Nene, the water is thrashing down stream. The fields over to Water Newton are flooded.

So we followed the trail to go alongside the train track upto Wansford station. Then after a little team meeting, Jackson said we follow the Nene back and check the flooding out. So we head across the fields, which are boggy and rutted from the cows. We have to get even wetter though, to pass through some of bit the bank has been breached. It’s really high and the fields are starting to flood everywhere. The lock gates at water Newton are overflowing too.

Then the next bit was great fun, we got at one with nature and went through the flooding fields.

Once we crossed the bridge we we turned right to follow the Nene for a bit further. I watching as a Cormorant was standing tall, with its wings fully open. Was very smart to see, not sure why it was doing it. There was some geese and ducks around it,so maybe a show of don’t mess with me. Unfortunately it was out of shot for a pic on my phone. Then we hit our next obstacle, which also was our last.

A great little explore had,felt relaxed and happy. We just followed the track at the back of Castor now, back to van. Really enjoyed that,was a mini adventure and back home for tea.

Day 64 done 300 to go.

4.9 miles HR 124.

407.8 miles total.

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