Day 64 Broke the 400’s BOOM!

Tropical out today, nearly had a sweat on walking the boy. Definitely had a sweat on at work today. Digging and concreting footings, was nearly down to my t-shirt 😎. Woke up still aching a bit from Saturday, my lower back mainly. After the morning walk though, didn’t feel too bad.

Parked up next to the park at Ailsworth, got changed and headed up the road. I’d forgot the running lead so the boy did his own thing. Most of the snow was gone already and left the ground a bit soggy.

Was good to get in the dirt again, in a strange way. We stayed on the trails for the whole loop, untill the last half mile, which was road. We had a little wait coming back into the back of Castor, while a lady moved her horses out of our way. We walked carefully and steady as we passed, Jackson was a bit wary and they were very inquisitive. Apart from that and a bloke walking, we had the trails to ourselves. The Nene was flowing and high, which I was expecting. With all the snow melting and rain, thought it’d be higher.

Will be running in my t-shirt tomorrow if it’s the same as today though, spring as sprung πŸ€”. Jackson seemed to love the run too, never ran off once, good as gold.

So got home and as I get out the van, I’m stiff as a stiff thing. Something is tight, ouch! Hot bath and roller may sort it out. Will see in the morning.

Day 63 done 301 to go.

5.5 miles HR 129.

402.9 miles total.

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