Day 63 Gorilla run club

Sunday. No lay ins in this house. The cats decided we’re not sleeping past 6:30am this morning. Babs wasn’t happy and she woke up with a headache too. The cats are in trouble. Even a morning coffee in bed didn’t help. We had breakfast and I walked the boy, felt so much warmer this morning without that wind. When I got back she was ready for the gym, so must be feeling better. She left and I got ready to go too. We’ve gained some interest to join us on today’s run, by some of the Gorillas. So we started a new WhatsApp group 😎.

I’m the last one to arrive for our 10am meet in Oundle. Everyone is eagerly waiting, but seem in high spirits as we get ready to go.

So there’s me,Tris and Emma the normal crew, plus Justin,Amy and Jemima joining us today. We set off towards the 605, this is where I learn we’re doing a road run, not trail. There’s still plenty of slushy snow around,so my trail shoes are spot on. It’s the first time I’ve ran with Amy, Jemima and Justin, although I’ve rode with them all on the road bikes. We all settled into the pace easily, although Emma got told off by Tris a couple of times, for pushing the pace. We all stuck together, chatting away and everyone seemed happy. We head into Cotterstock. This is where Justin left us and set off home, as he needed to get back. Was great to run with him and hopefully he’ll join us again. We keep heading north to Fotheringhay. This is when 2 big ol’ Red Kites flow from the trees, just above us. There fantastic birds to see, especially as close as this.

Jemima was finding the pace a bit tough around this point, We gave her encouragement and told her to kept at her own pace, while we did some intervals. Fast out and steady back. We run through Fotheringhay and Jemima is feeling better. It’s the furthest she’s ran for ages so she was doing brilliantly. Same as Amy who was making it look easy, she hasn’t been doing much running either. I seem to remember she made the Marmotte look easy last year too, but that’s another story. We head back towards Oundle, doing the odd sprint and pace change.

Emma and Amy.

Jemima and Tris.

Everyone is still in good spirits and chatting at mile 6. We weaved through the estate back to the Warfe, Amy and Emma go to Waitrose and back, to get there 8 miles in. I personally really enjoyed today and hopefully be the first of many. Me and Tris carried on though as we wanted more. We head through Oundle and across the soggy field. Over the footbridge and along the river. We followed the track to Barnwell road. At the road we turned right along it. We go into Barnwell country park (after turning into the wrong bit first) and set about doing a loop round the outside. There’s something going on though, there was a fire engine and there pump I think. They didn’t mind us though, so we carried on. It was soft under foot and a bit skiddy in places. I noticed that we both had the exact same stride pace, and our HR was within a beat 🤔 I pick up the pace slightly around here as I got in the zone. We come out of the park and head through the town, we turn left at the memorial. Tris heads home and sends me through the church yard. Which I don’t remember seeing before, I find hard to believe as it’s massive.

As I get back to the van, the girls was leaving the tap. They said they had coffees, very well behaved. What a great day. Plus the added bonus of a day bath 😎

Day 62 done 302 to go.

11.8 miles HR 135.

397.4 miles total.

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