Day 61 That was rough.

Thought you’d all probably had enough snow and ice pics. Warm thoughts.

Did the weekly shop at Hampton Tesco and met Dean at Costa’s to discuss tomorrow morning’s ride. It was coming down fairly heavy out there. Gonna cold and icy one tomorrow.

I parked at the Woodman, it was snowing heavy and horizontal now. I wrapped up warm and set off. Surprisingly the ground was soft in places, so must be giving a bit. I felt nice and snug through the trees, even took my hoody off for a bit. But it went straight back on, as soon as I turned back into the wind. Now I realise the snow was more like sleet, it was killing my eyes, found it hard to see. So I did the singletrack through the trees by the Nene, to keep out of it. By the time I got to the end I’d forgot how bad it was, so carried on along the Nene. Through the empty golf course and up to Orton Mere. That was rough along this stretch, my poor eyes. The trail up to the Holiday Inn was frozen, I start to have mixed feelings about tomorrow morning and this snow just keeps falling. I get back to van and start it up to clear the windscreen. I called Babs and suggest fish and chips, so I fetch them on my way home. The roads are very dodgy again, take care. God my eyes are sore,it’s like sand blowing in the face on a windy beach.

Day 60 done 104 to go.

5.4 miles.

382.3 miles total.

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