Day 59 Snow day.

Well it’s here, not just the Beast (which is more like a naughty child) but the end of the month. BOOM!👊 That’s 58 days straight, 64 runs, 371 miles and 14,068ft of climbing. Not bad for a flat lander.

Weight in Wednesday another 2lb lost, that’s 1 stone since the 1st of January.

Did a bit of paperwork while I waited for the snow to get heavy, then we set off for some snow fun. I couldn’t resist a lap of the running track and break the virgin snow.

Should of worn some snow goggles, was hard to keep my eyes open at times. Was loving it though, so was the boy. We weaved our way through snow filled paths, fields and singletrack to Ferry meadows.

Not as many kids out playing as I was expecting. Plenty of adults out though. We run through the park and head home via Thorpe woods and along the train track path. Was really hungry while running. After we got back,I had a shower then stuffed my face. Not that healthy but who cares? It was awesome ummmmm.

Sofa time and a film, I love snow days.

Day 58 done and so is Feb, 306 to go.

11.3 miles HR 125

371 miles total.

2 thoughts on “Day 59 Snow day.

  1. Sounds like you had a really nice day. Had to be at work the last couple of days but now got a 3 day weekend and started it off with 4.5 early morning miles


    • Wish I was working to be fair mate, don’t earn anything at home. Good effort getting out first thing though, I’m still building up to taking the dog for his walk 👍


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