Day 58 Still waiting.

Come on Beast show yourself. Promises of heavy snow over night, amounts to nothing again. It is cold though -3 on the van dash. Was a nice crisp walk at the Rowing lake with the boy first thing too. Last day at work this week though, as the predicted weather forecast stops play. Too cold to concrete the footings. Had some snow this morning while working, at least Jackson got to play in it at lunch. Before most of it melted to slushy mush that is.

Got as much as we could do done, so called it a day just after 2pm. I tret my Sen to a coffee and a sausage roll ummmm.

Wasn’t motivated to run today though, as was still feeling burnt out. So sat for a bit pondering what to do. I had my stuff with me. I gave myself a kick up the arse and got ready, I’d decided to run from Ailsworth. Seems silly not to take advantage of being this way on. Took the road then left down the track, which leads onto the nice singletrack behind Castor. Just plodding taking it easy, strangly warm and sunny 😎. There’s a lot of Red Kites out today, infact theres plenty of other wildlife too. This weather must be good for them all. I’m feeling good too, apart from I find it difficult to get my HR up. There’s like a restriction on it or something, Nevermind. I ignore and carry on. I follow the train track to ferry meadows.

Then head to Alwalton, on my favourite singletrack section.

I go through the village and down to the lock gates, then over the field (full of sheep) to the bridge.

Past the old mill and turn left on the track on the side of the field. Through the horse fie ld and over the footbridge.

Following the Nene to the bridge crossing, that takes us over to Water Newton. I followed the river again to the mere then all the way to Wansford station bridge.

Go under the bridge and across the boggy rutted cow field to Sutton. And this is where I spotted this little beauty.

We carried on through Sutton and across the fields, back to the van. What a wicked run, got to see loads of wildlife today. πŸ‘

Day 57 done 307 to go.

9 miles HR 126.

358.7 miles total.

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