Day 57 Burnt out.

Woke up feeling tired today, the bed was holding on to me. Walked the dog at ferry meadows, it was cold but not too bad. The beast from the east is coming, is on everyone’s lips. I wander how bad it’ll be. Still felt like I wasn’t woke up properly, when I got to work. A strong coffee helped sort me out though 👍 cheers Andy M. In the summer I always get told how lucky I am, to be working outside. I never here anyone say it this time of year, was a cold one today and gonna get a lot colder. So remember that when your moaning about the weather, sat in your nice warm house or office. 😉

Walked the boy at ferry meadows again after work. I wished I’d had my running kit, maybe a good plan for tomorrow 👍. Got home and prepped tea, fed the boy and had some granola. I was needing some energy. I know I’m knackered as I argue with Babs over nothing, so I grab the boy. I took him with me in a bit of a rage, was gonna run on my own. He was pulling like a good in and wouldn’t listen 😡 so I let him go and told him to piss off! Stupid I know and I knew I wasn’t being myself. He wouldn’t have gone anywhere though, as we were down the toll house path and safe. I calmed down, hooked him back on and finished the run. Rest week is the order of the day.

Day 56 done 308 to go.

2.3 miles

349.7 miles total.

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