Day 50 Hospital monday.

No running this morning, just a nice walk with the boy around the block, in the rain. Strangely I feel great, a bit tired and slightly tender legs but otherwise, fine. Breakfast, coffee and off to work.

Only working till dinner today, as Babs had a check up at the hospital. Support your loved ones, make time for them. While on my tea break, I notice a message my mum had sent me last night. My little bro got took into Pilgrim hospital, I called her straight away. He wasn’t great but is ok, drug related (Jonny is a heroin addict and has been for over 15 years) so never a dull moment.

Good news though, Babs got the all clear 👍. So she celebrates by buying some new jogging bottoms from Go outdoors. I got changed in the carpark and ran home.

It’s raining consistently and I’m loving it. Warm enough for shorts, luckily I’d left my running hat in the van from Saturday, so wore that to keep my hair out my eyes 😉. I head through the streets up to and by the Jack Hunt school. Take the old Sweatshop route, in reverse to Thorpe road. Thorpe road was busy with people going home from work. Both drivers and walkers, had to dodge the odd umbrella (running makes you invisible) then over the Queensgate footbridge and past the Brewery Tap. Still dodging people, nearly got ran into by someone on a bike, on the path too 💪. I run through town, and the gardens opposite the Lido. Down Bishops road and home. Babs was just parking up outside the house as I got there, great timing.

Got some dry clothes on, a quick cup of tea. Then I walk the boy while Wifey makes food Ummmmmm. Vegan shepherds pie.

Day 49 done 315 to go.

4.5 miles.

311 miles total.

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