Day 49 Lost and found.

I found it!

After searching the house a thousand times, I found it. In a draw I’ve looked in at least 10 times. Thing is I was looking for a sealed card. I hadn’t actually written on it ha ha, what a pleb. So I wrote on it gave it to my lovely wife. (She knew straight away)

It’s the Peterborough Cycling club Reliability ride today. I got my bike and everything ready last night. Thought I’d see how I felt in the morning. Babs got up at 7am and brought me a coffee, I was awake so was glad of it. I felt worn out but physically ok. Although Babs would have liked me to stay behind and help her on her litter pick. I decided to go biking. She walked the boy and called Dean to let him know I was coming. I got ready and rode over to meet Dean and Nick. We then biked to Rutland cycles, to meet the rest. The Gorillas had rode over from Oundle. We had some banter and a catch up with everyone,then set off, after the breifing at 9am. This is my first ride out on the road bike this year, in fact it must be the first in at least 4 months. It’s a cold foggy start and the group is big, I mean there must of been about 40 people. About 15 miles in Nick got a puncture, and took a while to mend it. Luckily all the Gorillas waited, and I reckon it was a blessing in disguise. As it was a better group now, felt great to ride with everyone again. Great banter and a really good day riding with friends, a few little races between different people too. Me Nick and Dean left the rest near Oundle, they headed to the Tap and Kitchen, for refreshments 🍺. We finished the ride back to the store. 63 miles πŸ’ͺ the boys had to lead me the last 10 miles, as my legs had gone. Had a chat with the manager about my cx bike, that still sat there, waiting for The warranty! Called Babs and she needed my help, so a quick stop at Dean’s, then headed home. I went along the cycleway down the Nene, had enough of roads today πŸ˜‰.

Got home and the sausage and bacon was cooked, so stuffed my face. The litter pick when well too, they got another 25 bags filled between them. Chris our friend was at ours, he has diabetes and he had a hypo. He was ok by the time I got home, he’d had some food and settled his sugar levels. Always good to see him, he’s like family to us, he loves the pets and helps us out so much with them.

After cleaning the bike, Me and the wife said bye to Chris. We then both took Jackson for a walk and finished moving the last bit of rubbish. Big bits from earlier.

We got back and I get my shorts and trainers on, and head out. Cor blimey my legs are heavy, they feel twice as big. For a change I turned left down Bishops road and head into Fengate. As I past Fengate Gym about a mile in, I actually feel ok and my legs are back to normal. I turn down Padholme road,head past McDonald’s and Homebase. Run through the Range carpark, past Wickes and home. Actually really enjoyed it and could of ran more, just know that wouldn’t of been wise.

Day 48 done 316 to go.

3.2 miles

306.5 miles total.

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