Day 42 Perfect rowing weather.

Got up at 6:30 and decided it wasn’t road biking weather, for me anyway. The rest of the Gorillas are tough nutters, hard as nails and alot more motivated to ride than me. So I let David know I wasn’t going and went back to bed. Lazy slow start to the day was in order. It was about 10:30 by the time I got the boy and headed out. Sun was out and so was the rower’s.

I bit windy too, so I’m happy to be running rather than biking. Just another steady one today, along the Nene. Then took the path to the left, signposted to Flag Fen.

We climbed the gate (It was all closed up) I know a track from the back of here. It’s a bit dodgy but ok, it brings us out next to the power station. We weave through eastern industrial and cut through the Showcase Cinema carpark. This brings us out near Bishops road, but we take the path right along the parkway, instead of heading straight home. This connects us to Start road, we follow this home. We got in as Babs was heading out for her run.

Got my bike ready and had some soup (home made) ummmm.

Now heading out for a short ride on my own, to see if I can still ride the road bike 🤔

Day 42 done 323 to go.

5.5 miles HR 132.

265.9 miles total.

Update! As I was driving to Alwalton (to save biking through town) it started raining, so I turned around to come home. Then it started getting heavier, then it turned to hail 😋 ha ha lucky escape.

Not so lucky for Babs x

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