Day 33 Run for Shadow.

In 300 days from now, I’ll be closer to the end of this challenge, than I am from the start now. I wonder how I’ll be feeling on day 333? Will I be excited to be so close to the finish? although it wasn’t easy to get to this point, so finishing from that point will be the harder I’m guessing. So maybe I’ll be begging for it to end, with the short cold days of December πŸ€” we’ll have to wait and see πŸ‘

The original plan for tonight’s run was to meet Tris and Emma at the Woodman. Emma wasn’t sure if she’d get away from work and Tris wanted to get to the pub. I dropped Babs off at the Train station, as she was heading to Derby to see her sister. Then drove to the Woodman, wasn’t sure at this point if Emma was a no show or not. Thought I’d run while I waited to hear from her. It felt weird running through here on my own, I was usually with someone or the dog at night around here. I was enjoying being a little on edge though, as I ran through the woods. I heard the odd bit of wildlife in the bushes, the mind can play tricks. I got the message at about mile 2,to say she definitely wouldn’t make it. So I carried on and did a bit on the grass by the Nene, to make up a loop around the park. Still on my own, nobody about.

As I passed the caravan and camping site and ran along the train track, I feel tired and wonder if my legs will be ok for our ride in the morning. Out with the boys on the cyclo-cross. At this point I think about Shadow, he was Carl my brothers dog. We lost him a year ago today. He was loved by us all and lived to the age of 14. It sounds weird but I spoke out and asked him to run with me. Strangly I didn’t feel alone anymore, I felt happy and safe. I imagined him galloping by my side, looking at me, happy and full of life. Wished I was running when he was young, so we could have ran together.

Jackson has alot to live up to πŸ˜‰ not really, he’s top dog now.

Day 33 done 332 to go.

4.3 miles HR 142.

203 miles done.

2 thoughts on “Day 33 Run for Shadow.

  1. Lovely photo of shadow. Glad he ran with you.
    I watched woman in black at Wendy’s on Saturday. Half way through the film one of Jakes toys upstairs starting making noises freaked me a bit was glad Millie was with me.


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