Day 32 Blue moon.

The first of February, a new month. January seemed to last for ever, it’ll soon be March now. Babs had Jackson today, so I headed of to work at 6ish. Was feeling a lot better today and drove in my running kit, ready for the run. Was gonna get a coffee on the way but realised I’d forgot my wallet, DOH!

Parked at Roydon common and the blue/red moon was dominant in the sky.

Legs felt heavy today, was some frost on the ground and the air was fresh. My legs felt better after a mile or so, see some deer in the heathland, they were running too. So how cool is this? I started the run in moon light.

And finished it with the sunrise. 😎

Just shows how a run can start your day off to a great start. What a difference a day makes. Had a couple of messages of support today, which was great. I’m so lucky to know so many great people.

Day 32 done 333 to go.

3.5 miles HR 147.

198.7 miles total.

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