Day 29 Monday sunrise

Got woke by noisy neighbours around 3:30am and Soots at 4:30am. So when my alarm went off at 5:30am, I didn’t feel like moving, so snoozed a couple times. Then I had to rush my breakfast down and leave. Working in Dersingham today, so walked the boy around Wolferton. It’s a lovely place to walk around if your on the way to Hunstanton.

Got finished and headed to Roydon common, had to go to use the Farmers Arms loo’s first 😷. Was a nice evening so plenty of dog walkers and twitchers about. We was soon past all of them though, and flowing around the trails. Jackson spied some deer and thought it’s a good idea to chase them. Was great to watch and he had no chance, they played him well. We finished our run, Jackson had a cool down while I got changed.

We head home 👍

Day 29 done 336 to go.

4 miles HR 137

185.5 miles total.

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