Day 28 stomach bug.

Got up at 5:45am as was riding early with Dean but! My guts was still all over the place 😞 so I decided to bail on him and go back to bed. Woke at 8ish, Babs had brought up a coffee πŸ‘ and finished reading my book. I decided to do my run this morning, incase I get worse.

Today Babs has organised a litter pick, with Peterborough river care. The plan is to meet at the top of Potters way next to the Toll house, at 10:30am.

So with this in mind I set off, knowing I was a little tight with time. I need to do 6 miles to complete my 40 for the week. I headed to the river and followed the path to the Boathouse, next to the rowing lake. It was starting to warm up and feel a little bit like spring. I notice my HR is higher than normal but I know I’m pushing the pace slightly, so not to be late. I run around the rabbit warren of paths, in Longthorpe untill I find Longthorpe tower.

Then I go along Thorpe road into town. Theres a dead Otter on the path, made me feel very sad 😞The sun was showing itself now, and despite the horrible feeling of seeing the Otter, guys wise I felt great. I think running on an empty stomach definitely helped. Was a nice day to run through the cathedral, always enjoy that. Then rushed home and quickly got changed, to meet Babs,Chris and the others, for litter picking action.

I have to say that I got a great deal of satisfaction and would say do one, if you never have. It is disgusting to see what people throw away, and I’d say at least 90% of it was alcohol related.

Spotted these on our way back, spring is around the corner 😎

All this litter picking makes you hungry.

I was gonna go out on my road bike in the sun,in the afternoon but decided to run instead. As Babs was gonna run and Jackson needed a walk anyway.

So we parked at the rowing lake, me and the boy went up and along the top trail path, while Babs ran alongside the lake. We met at the end and ran together till the Ramblewood. Then we did our own thing. The sun was still lingering in the background and the wind was warm. We stayed on trails up to and around Ferry meadows. I was lucky enough to bump into Nigel, he’s training for a mental SAS style race. He was wearing a 50lb pack πŸ’ͺwas good to catch up but see Babs coming so set off again. Staying on the trail and grass all the way back to the Boathouse. We hung around and waited for the boss, and by luck got to watch a fox sneaking around. Then we went home and called that a Sunday.

Day 28 done 337 to go.

7.2 miles HR 150.

8.2 miles HR 140.

Today total 15.4

181.5 miles total

4 thoughts on “Day 28 stomach bug.

    • Yeah we will aim to do the Feb one. Ummmm egg sandwich would have been nice. Well done Claire… How did she get on? And how did you do? We would have come today as weather was lovely. But instead we did a litter pick that Babs organised.

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      • Both slower than December-but only just… didn’t go to plan… but had a good run… and good walk after too -sarah and Daisie did Scunthorpe park run with us yesterday too.. she smashed five mins off her last time so she was (eventually) mega pleased!


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