Day 27 Three is the magic number.

Woke up still feeling a bit dodgy, the bottle of red wine with cheese and biscuits may not have helped either 🤔 Babs set off just before 8am, to do Boston Parkrun on her way to her parents. Me and Jackson set off into the sunrise, for our nice and fresh run.

I did take some toilet paper, just incase 😉. I all honesty though I felt ok so need it and I just kept it easy. On last night’s run I noticed my HR was about 10 beats higher on ave, definitely wasn’t feeling great. Passed 3 or 4 other runners this morning, perfect running weather. As we passed the church at Standground, I took the path to the right. Just after the bridge but before the underpass. It’s turns out to be a nice little route, that unfortunately leads us to a dead end. Although it looks like it will go through the New Fletton quays when it’s finished. So we back tracked and then ran up to the parkway. Instead of going straight home we dropped back down to the river, under the parkway and along the willows. Jackson found 3 balls, this makes up for all the balls he’s lost lately 👍

So a bit of running and ball throwing up to the Toll house. Then we jogged home. Fed the boy, then fed me sen 😉

No more exercise today, only laughing at my niece and nephews, on there snowboard lesson 😉

Day 27 done 338 to go.

8.1 miles HR 132

166.1 in total.

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