Day 26 Friday mix

Up at 7:30am had breakfast and walked Jackson along a trail I know, near Warmington. I had a couple of jobs to look at today, Wellingborough way. Which due to Jackson doing a disappearing act, I was very nearly late 😤. I called my mate Shaun (after I’d finished), who lives in the area,to see if he’s about for a catch up. Unfortunately he was over in Wales at his holiday (retirement) home. So went home and made some calls and did paperwork. Walked the boy along the rowing lake, still a lot of standing water around. Stopped off at the Co-op and picked some bits up for tea on the way home. Babs got home the same time as me. I cooked tea and we caught up on the day, while we are it. Wasn’t feeling great today, been feeling tired and a slightly dodgy stomach.

I headed over to meet Emma and Rich for a run. Haven’t seen him in ages and didn’t think I’d ever be running with him, so was looking forward to it. We set off into Ferry meadows, Rich shot off at a decent pace. So for Emma’s sake and his, I reigned him in. We head around the Gunwade lake and passed the sailing club. Me and Rich was having a catch up and Emma was happy running in her zone. We past the cafe and 2 young uns, looking like they’d been up to no good 😎 We loop around and back over the wobbly bridge. A push to the top of the hill then stop, and walk to the pub for a beer 🍺

A good way to finish a week 👍

Day 26 done 339 days to go.

3.4 miles HR 144

158 miles total.

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