Day 24 Storm chaser

Another wet day forecast,so no work again. Got up at 7:30am for weigh in, another lb lost 👍 Dropped Babs at work and got myself a mega melt from Subway. Then took the boy to the rowing lake for a walk. It was dry but very windy, and plenty of water around.

We walked along the river, where Jackson refused to fetch his ball, from the fast flowing Nene. Then cut back through the ponds and boardwalk path.

It was starting to look stormy, as we headed towards the weather front.

Then it pissed it down, we got soaked and legged it for cover. It was hard to find any, so carried on back to the car.

Wet wet wet, homeward bound.

Had a call that my bike was ready, which I wasn’t expecting. So I went and got it, £77 later I came home. Had a nice hot day bath to make me feel better 😎

Babs came home while I was walking the boy, so she was there when I got back. We had a catch up of the day over a coffee, then I got ready to meet Emma for a run. Had to do a quick house check at our friends house on my way there, as he’s away at the moment. Got to the Woodman early, so sat and wrote this blog while I waited.

She arrives bang on time, we have a quick chat and head off. This time we head towards town, over the footbridge and turned right. We followed the path to the rowing lake, and with the water to our right we head towards the rowing club. We pass a couple of runners, a dog walker and a few cyclist’s. We could also see a couple of boats out on the water, by the little light they have on the front. Now that’s dedication! As we reach Thorpe road, we loose some clothes as we’re over dressed.

We stay on Thorpe road to the bridge, which we choose to take the steps up. Through the underpass and through town to the cathedral. We turn left past Boots then left again down past the Bull Hotel. We follow the multi storey round, along Bourges Boulevard and up to and through the footbridge. Then head back down Thorpe road (into the wind now) and Emma starts feeling the pace a bit, we was at her top end to be fair. “How far we doing Steve?” She says. “I’m not sure” I say with a smile. “Around another 3 miles ish” I say, not what she wanted to hear. We turn right out of the wind and our pace picks up again. We followed the road back onto Thorpe road into Longthorpe. With all the lovely old buildings to look at and the home of Longthorpe tower. We whizz past the Fox and Hounds and over the Nene Parkway. We turn left past the police station and back to the carpark. I congratulate Emma on her run, was a great pace and she delt with not knowing how far we were doing extremely well. Plus she get a new 10k PB too 👍.

We both looked better than when we started, exhausted but happy. We say bye and I head home to eat my tea and chill out.

Day 24 done 341 to go.

6.6 miles HR 137

151.2 total miles.

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