Day 23 Mad dog

Up at 6:30 today. Babs walked the boy, he was staying home,so I left at 7 without him. Was working over in Boston today. What was a pointing job, turned into a rendering job. So got it prepped and scratch coated, so finished by dinner. Popped around to see my oldest bro (Tez) and dropped his birthday card and present off. He’s not in the best of health but better than he’s been for a while. Got home about 2pm and tried to mend my cx bike, as the rear gears wasn’t working right. After doing a Burton on it, I took it to Rutland cycles to sort it out. For once it wasn’t me that messed it up (sort of), the right shifter pistons had seized,from rust and dirt 🤔 fingers crossed they can get a new one on warranty 🤞. No cx for a few weeks though 😞.

After the looks the boys been giving us both, for not taking him running with us, I took him with me. We went past the Toll house and along the river to the Millennium bridge, so he could stay off the lead. I didn’t want to risk pulling anything in my hip.

Gone! Ha ha he likes to keep his distance sometimes. Hip felt great again, so upped the HR and pace a bit. We went over the bridge, along the track and up to the raised bank on the other side. We followed this to Standground into the rain, as it was pissing it down now. It was welcome to be fair as I was getting hot. I hooked Jackson back on as we ran through the streets of Standground. He was tired now so stuck by my side, so kept him there till the end. We head passed the church and through the underpass.

I look at him, he knows what’s coming. We race eachother up the hill to the parkway, he loves an up hill race. Then along the embankment, with the cathedral looking smart in the background.

We got home and fed him, Babs had made rissoto and fed me ummmm. I ate it before I took a pic 👍

Think Mad dog was worn out 😎.

Day 23 done 342 to go.

6.5 miles ave HR 143

144.6 miles total.

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