Day 22 Bear wood.

As my left leg got worse last night. To the point I struggled to walk properly, so dosed up on Ibuprofen and rested. I took the day off work as didn’t fancy climbing a ladder all day. So I painted the kitchen instead. After walking the boy that is. Met Babs for dinner at Harry’s. Then cleaned the house and walked the boy to the vets, for his booster jab. Strangely my leg felt fine now, but I kept expecting it to give way at any minute. Got tea prepped then got ready to run. Was running with Babs tonight, to help me keep it nice and steady, for me not Babs. I thought I could turn back after 1 mile to get my 2 in. But it felt great, in fact it felt perfect 🤔 wasn’t expecting that. So I stayed with her and showed her a couple of trail bits, to add to her runs. Here she is coming out of Bear wood 🐻

Was nice to run together tonight, we had a good chat and was a perfect pace for me, as a kind of rest day. We stopped to watch the water rushing through at Orton Mere.

We headed along the rowing lake, dodging the cyclist’s and then down Thorpe road. Over the bridge and through the underpass, through town and home. We had tea then I soaked in the bath.

So happy that my leg feels good. Will keep rubbing cream in it and taking anti inflammatory’s for a few days to make sure 👍

Day 22 done 343 to go.

6.1 miles ave HR 116.

138.1 miles total.

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