Day 21 crash and burn.

Up at 8ish. Had some breakfast and walked the boy, down the Toll house and builders field. It was frosty and very icy in places too, a cold dull morning. I know I need to do a minimum of 13 miles today, to get my 40 in for the week that is. We met up with good friends last night. Over Leicester way for a curry, which was lovely 👍 but as we all know, what goes in must come out 😵 Babs had set off already. So now I’m ready! So got myself together and set off.

It was snowing now, and at the right angle to keep getting snowflakes in my eyes. I took my route through the trees next to the 5 a side courts, past the Key, through the underpass and over the bridge behind Asda. Along the path to Orton Mere, taking in Bear wood and a scramble over a fallen tree, on the next bit of road (I need to name this bit) I’d decided to aim for around 145 HR today. Then up past the Ramblewood Inn, where I passed Babs going in the opposite direction. We had a quick chat, then carried on our runs and I head through the woods on the slippy singletrack, great fun. Buzzing now, really enjoying the heavy snow and conditions and I feel great. I head towards Ferry Meadows and take the gravel track along the edge of the park, and head towards Alwalton. Just before the end of the track, I drop down to the river and follow the technical single track back towards Ferry Meadows. I love running along here, I always feel I could be anywhere when I run this bit. Around the Gunwade lake and over the stone bridge (over the Nene) turning right. I followed the gravel track where it climbs up through the trees, above the Meadows. The snow was settling but becoming slushy. I took a little muddy singletrack up through the trees. At this point I was just thinking how good I felt and wishing I had more time. Then as quick as a flash I hit a tree stub. Before I know what’s happened, I was in the air, legs over my head and BANG! I hit the ground on my left side, then slid and rolled onto my front. I got up and carried on. My left side felt tight but not too bad. I eased off for a mile or so, while I assessed how I felt. Over the footbridge over the Nene Parkway and left through Thorpe wood. Passed the Fox and Hounds pub I felt ok to carry on, so it did. It’s really nice down this road but even more so in the snow, it’s like a Xmas card. I followed Thorpe road up to town and through the underpass. Through town and through the Cathedral, back home.

A quick snack,shower and change. Then over to Kirton to our Great Nephews Christening.

My left side started to ache and by the end of the service, I walked with a limp. Not good!

Fingers crossed for the Ibroprofen to work overnight.

Day 21 done 344 days to go.

13 miles HR 139

132 miles total

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