Day 18 Turbulence.

The wind kept me up most of the night, same as everyone else I suppose. Struggled out of bed late at 5:50am, grabbed the boy and left. Got a breakfast baguette from Gregg’s after dodging all wheelie bins, through the streets. 3 lorry’s blown over, road closures and numerous tree’s down. It took 2 and a half hours just to get to Kings Lynn 😵 (normally takes about 45mibs) hope everyone was ok.

Still had to walk the boy, I’d let the job know I was gonna be late. The wind had dropped now, plus the sun was up. So after walking for a bit,I decided to run instead. Fully clothed again, I soon got way too hot.

I only kept it short as had a lot to do, and didn’t want to be late for turbo. I forgot how much I’d liked running around here. Could have ran for ages, It was nice to be able to see properly. The wild Ponies was enjoying there morning, hardly bothered by us.

Back to the van and off to work.

Unfortunately I didn’t quite get back home in time to go to Oundle. But Dean called to say he wasn’t going either and we did the same turbo session in his garage 👊

Day 18 done 347 to go.

2.3 miles

109.2 miles in total.

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