Day 5  watch upset.

Up at 6 to walk the boy, he’s staying at home again today, I’ll miss him. I’m feeling really tired from the turbo session we did, last night in Oundle. I enjoyed it last night though, was a tough one,plus a decent circuit afterwards.

Was aiming to finish the job off in Boston today, and my plan was to finish at dinner, pick the rest of my tiles up to finish the kitchen, and get a run in with the boy before dark.

After working in the rain all morning the sun came out as I finished, typical! Had been working with me old mate Lee,so not a bad day at all. Set off home just before 1pm. Picked the tiles and some grout up from Tile Giant and went home to see the boy. As always he was mega exited to see me. No matter what day I’ve had, he brings me so much joy when he greets me like this.

Ended up cracking on and getting the tiling done. Finished packing away about 6pm. So leaving Babs to tidy up and sort tea out, we go for a run.

Jackson was on it from the start today, proper pulling and wanting go for it. I spent the whole time trying to slow him up. So let him off at the Toll house so I could settle into my run, he ran free all the way along the Willows. I hooked him back on at the boat people incase there dogs were loose. He was still mental, so I went with it a bit instead of trying to hold him back. Going under the underpass my HR was 136 and was feeling good. Passed Asda and through the underpass near the station, we passed some teenagers obviously smoking a joint. I nearly ran into them on my way past, as they wouldn’t move. No respect these days. Up Thorpe road, turning right up Westpark road for the loop. I’d pressed the wrong button on my watch just before this and it kept beeping every minute. It was doing my head in, plus everytime it beeped Jackson would try to go faster. I looked at it but couldn’t see what was wrong, 3-5miles HR 139. I stopped and noticed there was a lap thing going, by trying to stop it I reset the watch 😬 Doh! Lost data 👎

Started it again and decided to go with it all the way home. Time to break the boy for pulling me and making it a rubbish run. He stayed in front for about a mile then as we ran up the steps at the bridge, he only just beat me. He was tired though, I could see. So I pushed on, he kept looking at me, as if to say why aren’t we slowing yet? I laughed at him and carried on💪 we got home and food was about ready, perfect 😘

Day 5/360 to go.

3.5 miles lost data

2.5 miles ave HR 151 6 miles total.

28.7miles total.

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