Day 3 Back to work

6am!! Getting up for work is never easy, but after the Christmas break it always seems harder. I wanted to give Jackson a rest from running today. He still needs walking though. So I got out of bed, toilet, coffee in hand and out we go. Just a walk around the block, then off to work. Gregg’s breakfast baguette en route.

After a tough day, I walk him for an hour down the river bank near Spalding. The wind was very strong and felt proper cold. Don’t feel doing much after this, nevermind going for a run 😞

A quick snack and an espresso from the garage,for an energy boost on route home. Washed the boy to get rid of the fishy stink, from rolling on a dead fish 👎

I’m definitely not feeling it tonight. Plus, I noticed a slight tightness in my calf yesterday. While walking the boy, I also noticed a tender heal on the same leg. It could be my first minimal distance run, already 😬

I choose to stay on tarmac tonight to keep it simple. I could tell I was tired though, either from work or the run yesterday. I had a couple of puffs on my inhaler before I left, but I was starting to think I should have it with me.

A mile and a half in and my ache eased. I’ve been consintrating on my technique, keeping it smooth and easy. It must have paid off. I check my HR 144 it feels like around 164 to be fair. I carry on aiming to pass my 2 mile mark. Sod this! It’s not meant to be easy. It’s only day 3, I’m better than this. I turned my mind off and carried on. Deciding to run the 5mile loop. I started to loosen up and enjoy it now. I run down Thorpe road and loop back over the bridge. My phone rings but I ignore it. I never usually take it, but wanted to get some pics.

Under the subway and through town, suddenly feeling really good. If I wasn’t worried about my right calf, I’d go further now. Town looks nice at night and there’s always people about, not many tonight though.

I head home. I’m ready to relax in a hot bath and have some food.

Day 3 done. 362 to go.

5 miles HR 145 ave
19.3 total.

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