Day 2. Flood run.

Slept like a baby last night and with no work, a lay in, seemed good. The boy had different ideas though and decided it was time to get up. So as he did his usual scratching the kitchen door to wake us up, I decided to pretend to be asleep 😉 my plan worked and Babs got up to see to him. As I was nicely getting back to sleep Babs had different ideas and woke me with a coffee and reminded me to get up and run.

As I did say I needed to run early so I can get some tiling done in the kitchen, she was right as always. I got my clothes on and decided to run on heart rate (HR) today and have steady low HR run.. Babs was also joining us this morning as she has decided to try and run every other day 👍

Me and the boy set off walking while Babs finished getting ready. I’m thinking about a 5 mile route I do which is 50/50 on and off road. As Babs catches up we start jogging at a nice steady pace. Heading under the parkway turn right then left past the toll house. I let the boy run free down the path so he can do his thing. I hooked him back on as we get to the footbridge to our suprise leads us into the overflow of the Nene ha ha. I look at Babs and smile “come on I’m going through it,you coming?” “I’ll get wet feet” she said. With another smile I turned and ran through which turned out to be about 8 inches deep 😀 while saying “your only doing 2 miles you’ll be home soon” to my surprise she followed, good girl.

The Nene was bursting it’s bank all along the willows path and as we passed the dogging carpark and headed under the parkway, we went out seperate ways.

I felt really good today as my throat was less sore plus better sleep, checked my HR, 118 time to pick it up a bit. Past the Key theatre and through the subway we are in the zone. Past Charters and over the Asda bridge to run with the river to our right, as thought it’d be less flooded. Wrong! Wet feet again under the NVR bridge, but dry along the path next to the train track. A women with her baby stopped and watched us pass with a smile, more at us than to us I reckon. HR 124

Nice to see a few people out walking and getting some air. After passing the nature reserve, we turn right up into Bear wood, so Jackson can pull me while chasing squirrels. HR 133

Cross the rail tracks ready for my next little trail bit. But again, totally underwater 😞 so more tarmac. Not that I don’t like running on tarmac,just prefer trail. HR 122

At the Mere, it’s a right and back, along the rowing lake to home. If i stuck the plan, which I don’t. I wanted more trail which I was cheated out of. So we turned left up to Oundle road, striaght over and past Orton hall and the church. Crossed the road and head to the woods. It’s a lovely run/walk/bike through here if you’ve never been. We take the single-track right after the pond and our pace picks up, we both love it. Weaving around the trees with quick turns, jumping roots, and slowing for a couple of dogs with their owner. HR still only 137 so happy with that.

As we headed into Nene park over the track again and along the trail past the long boats and bird watching huts, we were at 6 and a half miles, umm might be doing more than 5 miles Babs. Over the bridge turn right and upto and over the bouncy bridge and up the hill. Jackson wanted to do the river trail (so did I) but we pushed on. But decided to turned left and then right at the totum pole to take the single-track up through the trees. Carried on to the road and right passed the Woodman pub HR 136.

Path turns to trail down to the rowing lake. Do we take the tarmac path or turn left over the grass to the higher trail path above the trees? You got it, if there’s a choice take the tougher route 👍 heading to the rowing club my mind wanders. I start thinking about France. A few of us are heading to the Alps, road biking and finishing the holiday with riding the Etape, a closed road sportive. How am I gonna run after that? 🤔 I’m sure I’ll get motivation from some of the group. Plus it’s my 40th Bday while we’re there 🍺 Before I know it I’m past the rowing club and Boathouse and I’m running across the field. HR 136

We hit a T junction, left through town or right along the river. Jackson chose left through town. We always race to the top of the steps at the bridge, this time I beat him. I realise he’s done HR 155

I ease off and the boy looks knackered so we take it easy through the subway and along Priestgate. People still shopping, what do they need? Past Argo lounge through the walkthrough and headed home. The boy needed some motivation, so we took the little trail between the carpark and 5 a side pitch. It was enough to help and we got home.

To which Babs was ready with my favourite meal x

Day 2 done 363 to go.

11.2 miles 128 HR

Total miles 14.3

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